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CAMRA Alberta is a great opportunity for you as a business owner, and representative of craft beer to connect with the people who consume your products. Alberta’s beer scene is on the cusp of a BOOM, and partnering with CAMRA Alberta allows you to stay at the forefront of the industry by keeping attune to what your customers want from you! CAMRA Alberta represents the craft beer consumers from all corners of the province, and is a volunteer-driven society operated by brewers, representatives, and consumers who either work in, or alongside the industry in Alberta. Who better to help extend your reach to consumers than the people consuming your product? We’re here to make a change in the movement. We’re here to craft Alberta’s beer scene, one pint at a time.

  • Communications

    CAMRA Members are very active on Social Media Channels and in the Community, creating great exposure for your business!

  • Street Cred!

    Become associated with CAMRA Alberta, a beer club passionate about the Beer, Brewers and Promotion of Craft Beer in our Province.

  • Promotions

    We are extremely active with different promotions and events and are affiliated with Alberta Beer Festivals; an incredible forum to promote your business!

Sponsorship Form

Interested in having your business sponsor CAMRA Alberta? Please down-load and fill out the form here: 2017-sponsorship-package.pdf